Setting Up a Senior Safety Program in Your Community

Senior safety is a serious issue throughout the country. If you work with the aging population or even volunteer in your community or your church, you may want to set up a senior safety program for people in your community. This can be as simple as offering classes or it can extend to home inspections and helps.



Physical Safety


Setting up a series of classes about things the seniors can do to stay safe in their home and around the community is great. During these classes, you may talk about the tools available in the community to help with transportation issues and services that they can take advantage of if they are home. This can take about what to do if you fall or if a loved one falls in your home. It can also discuss the information you should have in place if a fall were to happen.



Other Safety Issues


Seniors may be more vulnerable to identify theft and other scams. It is important to include a class about what seniors can due to guard themselves from this type of scam. A class that identifies the common tactics that people use in both phone calls, over the internet or in person is important to include.



Home Safety


A class about home safety is important too. This can cover items like adapting a home for seniors with mobility issues, choosing a medical monitoring service and keeping the home clean to help the seniors stay safe. It should also include steps that the seniors need to take to prevent fires. Cooking fires may be more common, as well as electrical fires from older equipment or frayed wires. It is important that they have working smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.



Community Inspections


Another option is to find a way to offer free home safety inspections for interested seniors. Many fire departments will install working smoke alarms in homes for free, as well as check to see if the fire extinguishers are working. You can also have inspections done to make sure the steps are safe and that the other aspects of the home are safe, like having running water and a working furnace and air conditioner.




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