4 Strategies to Help Your Parents Keep Living at Home

One of the struggles when your parents age is finding a way to help them stay at home and live independently as they age. As they get older, they may be more prone to fall or to having another medical emergency that may put them at risk. There steps that you can take and services available to help keep your parents at home for as long as possible.



Monitoring System


One of the first steps you should take is to install a home monitoring system in the home. There are services that will detect if your parent has fallen and contact them to see if they need help. There is also the option for your parent to push a button if they need help after a fall or a medical emergency. These systems can help give you peace of mind and prevent your parent from lying hurt for several hours before help comes.



In-Home Help


Another option is to hire in-home help to help your parents stay in their home. This can be as simple as hiring someone to come in and clean for them a few times a week. This can extend t hiring a personal chef that drops off meals once a week or to having an aid come in each day to help with showers and other care. The aids may just come in for an hour or two in the morning, or you may choose to have aids come in full-time if you feel that your parents need more help. The type and amount of help needed may change as your parents age.



Make the Home Senior Friendly


According to the article “What Can I Do Make My Parents’ Home More Senior Friendly,” there are several steps you can take to help make the home safer for your parents. One step is to clean up the clutter in the home and eliminate any tripping hazards. You can also add things to make the home safer like a stair lift. Another option is a ramp or a grab bar in the bathroom. These simple changes can reduce the chance of having your parent fall in the home.



Use Services Offered by the City or County


In addition to these ideas, you should reach out to your country or city to see what types of services they offer through the human services department. Some cities may offer door-to-door driving services for the elderly and disabled which can be a lifesaver if your parents are no longer able to drive. Other programs include things like Meals on Wheels as well as social groups that serve as a support for your parents. They may also have a senior day camp for people with dementia for one parent to visit during the day and giving either you or your other parent a break to run errands or take care of other needs.






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